Remembrance Day

Remembrance Day was celebrated across multiple programs, some attending a service and others paying tribute in the centre, observing the minutes silence at 11.00.

Winter Activities

During the winter our activities were somewhat restricted by the weather and Covid, but that didn’t stop us from thinking outside the box. We distanced ourselves, we moved outdoors where there is more room, we took bush-walks and visited the zoo. we became creative, even the rain couldn’t stop us.

For the months of May & June … Covid has altered the way we have been doing things, extra cleaning, social distancing, smaller groups and more indoor activities. Every one has adapted to the lock-down well, some of our activities included learning to sew, attempts by some of our staff to cook,  some gardening and a scavenger hunt.

Milestone Celebrations

May bought us two very special Birthdays and the arrival of a Grand Daughter ..

We celebrated a 30th Birthday and a 50th Birthday .. Happy Birthday to both beautiful young Ladies..

And Congratulations to our newest Grand Mother.

For the Month of April….

April has been a very trying time for most people with the lockdown, staying at home.. not seeing loved ones.. change in routine..

But we do have a few participants who have had the opportunity to continue programs at home and at our centre.

Here are a few pics from our lockdown activities, cooking, art, photography, ANZAC day activities etc