Group Activities

Group activities are designed to support you to get out and about in your local community. Within these activities you will build independence and develop life skills including catching public transport, money handling skills, building relationships and providing a range of experiences to suit your interests and hobbies that incorporate skills for life, health, fitness and fun. You’ll try new things, meet new people, go new places and do loads of things inside and out.

Skills For Life

Our life skills development programs are designed to bring out the best in each individual. Programs have been developed using a person-centred active support philosophy. These programs are designed for people with disability of all ages to support you to develop social skills, communication skills, strengthen problem-solving skills, increase self-awareness and build independence.


In this program you will learn and understanding the concept of food safety and how to apply it practically and how to follow a recipe. You’ll learn about what makes a good recipe, where to find recipes and how to follow directions. We will take you through everything you need to know including picking meals, writing a shopping list, shopping for ingredients and food.

Using Public Transport

In this program you will learn all the basics involved in using public transport safely. Learning how to identify different types of transport and their symbols, how to read a timetable, understand different types of tickets and using an Opal card. How to get on and off buses, trains, light rail and ferries, and how to order a taxi or an Uber vehicle.

Travel Training

This program will teach the necessary skills needed to travel independently and safely. It will begin with a session on planning where, how and when the trip will take place and throughout the program participants will learn how to develop strategies for the trip and address any anxieties around travelling. Road safety is one of the most important things for us to learn.. You’ll also learn about the signs on the road – what they mean and why we need to obey them.

Social Skills

This program is designed to support you to understand the things that you’re good at, and how to make the most of them. It also looks at trusting and showing respect to others, noticing and talking about how you and others may be feeling. Apart from the learning, there’s plenty of opportunity for group discussions and role-playing and you’ll also make some new friends along the way.

Relationship Circles

There are all sorts of relationship circles in our lives. And it’s important to understand each circle and what it represents. In this program we’ll take a look at the concept of relationship circles and explore each of them. These circles include Private, Trust, Friendship, Acquaintance, Community Helper, and Stranger Circles.

Meeting New People

This program is all about meeting, greeting and making a good impression. You’ll learn about making eye contact, greetings, goodbyes, hand shaking, and how to pay a compliment. Participants will work with computers and activity sheets, through group discussion, role-play and fun interactive activities. Learning to meet and greet opens the way to some rewarding conversations.